Our Value Added

As a merchant bank standing between funders and nonprofits, SeaChange must add value for both sides to justify the opportunity cost of our human and financial capital.

SeaChange operates within a network of funders and nonprofit organizations who trust us to stand between them as an intermediary and reward us with resources (e.g. funds, ideas, information) that we use to facilitate transactions. In this “merchant banking” role, our long-term success depends on the quality of our network and our reputation for professionalism and fairness in balancing the sometimes conflicting interests of its members. We have codified our approach to managing these conflicts in a formal conflict of interest policy.


Although SeaChange exists to help nonprofits complete transactions, we also create leveraged opportunities for funders. “Leveraged” in that the funds are particularly valuable for the nonprofits involved because of their timing, their flexibility, their ability to catalyze giving by others, or because they otherwise offer the prospect of being many times more valuable than the typical funds received by the organizations. A leveraged funding opportunity is one in which the participating funders could not easily participate without the involvement of SeaChange – because of access, size, timing, costs, etc – and which therefore justifies the cost of our playing an intermediary role.