SeaChange offers consulting  services in select instances to nonprofits and funders that are facing significant organizational or financial challenges. We seek engagements that are amenable to a quantitative/analytical approach; benefit from an independent, confidential, third-party perspective; do not require substantive programmatic knowledge; can be staffed as a complement to our principal activity of making grants and loans to nonprofits;pose no potential conflict of interest with our other activities; involve both staff and board leadership; and are highly likely to lead to short-term action. We do not respond to RFPs or actively market for consulting  engagements. We refer opportunities to other technical assistance providers whenever we believe, as is often the case, that they will be a better fit. Our engagements have fallen into the following general categories:

  • Financial Modeling and Analysis
  • Fund Design
  • Risk Management
  • Strategy Assessment
  • Restructuring
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