The Catalyst Fund

The Catalyst Fund was established in 2008 to facilitate the flow of growth capital into a select group of high-performing nonprofits working in education and youth development with the opportunity, capacity, and ambition to increase their impact significantly.

Each multi-year grant made by the Catalyst Fund was leveraged by additional funds arranged by SeaChange. During 2008-2010, the Catalyst Fund arranged four financings totaling $18.0 million: the Impact Fund for the New Teacher Center; the Expansion Fund for UnCommon Schools; the Growth Fund for College Summit, and the Pathways Fund. The Catalyst Fund enjoyed important support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, SeaChange, and approximately 20 individuals.


The Catalyst Fund remains actively involved with the Growth Fund for College Summit but is not seeking to arrange new financings. For more information about the Catalyst Fund or its activities, please contact John MacIntosh at or (212) 336-1512.