SeaChange—through its affiliated funds—makes seed, exploratory, and implementation grants to encourage and support mergers, joint-ventures, shared back office, programmatic alliances and other types of formal, sustained collaboration between nonprofits. These funds include the New York Merger and Collaboration Fund (New York), the SeaChange-Lodestar Fund for Nonprofit Collaboration (National), the Nonprofit Repositioning Fund (Greater Philadelphia) and the Transformational Partnerships Fund (Higher Education). Although we will consider supporting collaborations in any issue area and involving organizations of all sizes, we only make grants where independent, flexible, and fast funding can play a material role in the successful exploration, structuring or completion of a potential transaction. We will not consider grant requests for transactions that have been completed, or that appear to be on-track and well-funded. As a neutral, credible, experienced outside party willing to invest time and money, SeaChange seeks to work constructively with the funders, boards, and leaders of organizations considering collaboration as a strategy to take their missions forward in an effective, efficient, or sustainable way. We are pleased to be a founding member of the Sustained Collaboration Network, a network of nonprofit funders and intermediaries dedicated to making nonprofits more efficient, effective, and sustainable through collaboration.